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ROSE OF JERICHO ' the resurrection plant'

Plant of the week goes to.....Rose of Jericho. OMG what an absolute beauty! These amazing creatures have powerful spirits and bring a sense of wonder and inspiration. I'm so grateful to share my space with such an incredible soul.

The Rose of Jericho or False Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla) is a type of spike moss native to Mexico and the United States.

Known as the resurrection plant, they have the ability to dry up for long periods if water is unavailable. Curling into a small tumble weed looking ball they can remain for a few years appearing dead. But once placed into water....behold! it slowly comes back to life once again. This one in the picture was in my drawer for almost 2 years before waking.

Of course this makes a wonderful plant to have in your home, and kids absolutely love watching them unfurl as the process can takes around 4 hours. But, why use them magically or spirituality?

The Rose of Jericho can attract prosperity or bring protection into your home. They also carry medicinal remedies and have been used to help with colds and coughs amongst other ailments. (I would not recommend using plants or herbs without proper guidance).

They may be small, but my oh my, do the have strong spirits! Personally I find them to be a great ally to help protect your home. A mini guard dog to help keep out negativity. You can also use the water creating a holy fabs. In my personal practice working with plant spirits, I make it a point to align the frequencies to the particular attributes that I need. Most plants have multiple functions and I find focusing on one aspect will yield better results. In doing this it's all about communication. Not just commanding and naming it's purpose but awaking the spirit to bring forth this aspect to overshadow its other virtues willingly. So, how do I do this? Well......I sing. Now, I am no singer and honestly my voice may be nails on a blackboard to your ears (yes, I'm that old lol). But I find this works acceptionally well. So for those interested in charging herbs or plants give it a go, it may help.

My process is quite simple. First I cleanse the space. I often use incense (this can also be used as offering) I set out a glass of water as well. I often will call the quarters to protect the space and help keep out unwanted stragglers. Getting into a meditative and focused state, I hold the creature in my hands and reach out energeticly to feel it. Breathing it in and out of my body. I focus the time to get to know this ally I'm calling to assist me. I then wait and feel for its song. I start with vowels the building blocks of creation. Then it takes it own form. I let it go, not worrying about how silly or strange I may sound, whilst mentally focusing on the virtue I am aligning it to. Mentally asking for its power and honouring it. Once I feel the plant pulsating energy and get a confirmation from it mentally, I stop and blow life into it stating out loud its new purpose. I will give it offerings at that point and praise it for assistance. My personal practice is heavy on respect of the spirits that I'm working with and building strong relationships to help improve my life and those around me.

So give it a go if you don't already do something like this , and let me know your results.

The Rose of Jericho is absolutely lovely and can also be used to attract prosperity. Align it to prosperity and place a charged coin in the center, ask the plant to attract prosperity to you and your home. I often will speak with my allies and keep the connection strong. Sometimes giving monthly offerings. I definitely recommend this gorgeous plant!!! I would also love to hear others experiences...pop me an email and let me know.

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