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Reiki is a holistic treatment. It works by balancing the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of each person. The treatments work on several different levels, and everybody will react differently to treatments. 

During a treatment many people will feel very relaxed and at peace. Many experience vivid visualisations including colours, shapes and visions. Effects can be sensations in your body such as waves of energy, tingling or pressure. Others will feel nothing and all is perfectly normal, as each experience is different. 

After a treatment, within the first 48 hours you may experience tiredness, happiness, mild headaches, being emotional, pain relief, thirst, calmness, or increased alertness. 

The treatments work on removing toxins from the body, so the above are common occurrences after treatment, they are positive signs that your treatment is improving your wellbeing


I often perform all spells and rituals under the appropriate astrological timing unless otherwise stated. This may mean that your spell might not be done immediately, however I will discuss this with you during your consultation. At times you may need something urgently and I will happily discuss what will be best under your circumstances. Most spells will require some from of personal information of either you and/or the target of the working. This will be discussed in more detail during a consultation and if there are aspects that you do not feel comfortable with, we will adjust to your needs. Please note unfortunately we can not guarantee results for all workings. Sometimes there can be outside influences, blockages or its just not something that can not be forced to manifest. It is important to keep your expectations realistic, such as magick isn't likely to make you win the lottery jackpot but it can help you get that career promotion or extra opportunities to help bring you more cash flow. Now this doesn't mean magick is not real nor works. In fact we yield very good results in our spell casting. But I like to be upfront and honest to help you make the right choice for you. I perform divination on each working and discuss this with clients as to the most affective way to proceed in each case. Results generally vary from 3 days to 4 months depending on your personal situation.


Magick does not always work in the way you may expect; spells will often take the path of least resistance. It is important to thoroughly consider what you are asking for, as once a spell has been cast it cannot be easily undone. I will work to identify all options for you and what will be best suited for your situation and advise you to the best path to take in obtaining your goal. Please be aware that although I do shield my clients but I can take no responsibility for any negative or unexpected results from the spell work. As a result from the above stated, I offer no refunds for spells that have been cast.

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