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A must have in your witches supply kit! A wonderful herb that can be used in spell work.

Rosemary(Rosmarinus officinalis)

Also referred to as Compass weed, Compass Plant, Dew of the sea, Incensier, Polar plant.

One of my favourite herbs, this beautiful plant is extremely versatile with many uses and can be found easily. A great addition to your garden if you prefer to harvest herbs yourself. If not, a quick trip to the market or grocery store and you can acquire this herb up with little cost. This is just a simple and quick reference to help. I thoroughly recommend taking time to study and research this plant. Take some time to work with the spirit of this pant and learn its many secrets.

Magical Attributes

Gender: Masculine Planet: Sun Element: Fire

Use for: Protection, love, purification, healing, sleep, memory, dream work, youth.

Spirits associated: Aphrodite, Elves, Fairy.

Magical Uses: Burning Rosemary can offer powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations a great way to remove negativity or to use before magical workings. This can also be burned with Juniper to promote healing. Use in bath mixtures for uncrossing, attracting love, bringing youth/and glam spells, purification or before dream work. Use in a simmer pot or cauldron to help lift the energies and cleanse. Use in oil recipe for love, memory, protection etc. Rosemary worn can help with memory and help those remember you. Rosemary can be a good substituted for Frankincense.

1Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham /

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