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Bernie is our professional reader who performs divination via tarot, runes and other methods of spiritual communication. 

How I perform my readings:
I shuffle my cards asking the angels / spirit to guide me. Depending on your situation and questions asked, I lay the cards in an orderly manner to get the answers you require. There are various layouts for love / financial questions / career, that I use to get the best possible answers. Questions will be answered direct and clearly. Questions will need to be asked specifically and not in a round about manner as tarot is very direct. I can always help with how to get the best answer for your situation if you feel stuck, and I may contact you about this or suggest something else / another way to ask. Please note that tarot will read current energy and can predict the near future. I use tarot as a tool but I get messages from spirit too. Guidance will be given with each reading in order to get the best result of situations that may arise. If guidance is not followed accordingly, this can hinder outcomes to your desired results / predictions.

Please keep in mind tarot is a snapshot in time and situations can change as you move through your life. Tarot should be used as a tool to help aid your life choices or to get a more in depth understandings of the unknown. You have the ability to change your destiny and tarot provides valuable information to do this.

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