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Gorgeous oils that smell amazing! Each oil has been made during in depth moon rituals to enhance the power. This allows use to utilize the moons energy when its needed. Full moon - The full moon holds immense power this energy is great to use potent magick, charge crystals. talismans, amulets, enhance physic abilities and so much more. Use this oil when this power is needed. For instance you could anoint your third eye whilst divination to help strengthen your sight, use during spell work when the power of the full moon is needed, anoint your self to connect with the moon and her powers. There is so much you can do with this oil - get creative! New Moon- The new and dark moon are all about introspection, the hidden, shadow side, and new beginnings or setting intentions. This oil can be used in many ways to utilize this power. Use during shadow work, in meditation, when starting a new project, divination, use in an oil burner to attract these qualities into your home when needed. Again, get creative!


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